Program objectives

Perform preventive and corrective mechanic work, inspect vehicles with the goal of identifying, finding the cause and the source of operating problems; performing repairs, replacing parts and making adjustments on different vehicle systems, operating tests, procedure for installing accessories and optional equipment and adhering to health, safety and environmental laws and regulations.

Program content

CodeStatement of competencyHoursCredits
843-401Determine their suitability for the trade and the training process151
843-412Avoid health, safety and environmental hazards302
843-423Find technical information about motor vehicles453
843-433Perform heating, welding and cutting operations453
843-445Do shop work755
843-452Establish interpersonal relationships at work302
843-465Inspect internal combustion engines755
843-476Repair internal combustion engines906
843-484Inspect road-holding systems604
843-496Repair road-holding systems906
843-506Inspect electrical and electronic systems906
843-514Repair lighting systems604
843-524Inspect basic computer-controlled systems604
843-536Inspect transmission systems906
843-547Repair transmission systems1057
843-555Inspect starting and charging systems and electromagnetic accessories755
843-565Repair starting and charging systems and electromagnetic accessories755
843-573Inspect engine and passenger compartment temperature control systems453
843-583Maintain and repair engine and passenger compartment temperature control systems453
843-593Inspect active and passive safety systems453
843-604Repair active and passive safety systems604
843-614Do general maintenance on a motor vehicle604
843-624Inspect electronic ignition systems604
843-634Repair electronic ignition systems604
843-644Inspect electronic injection and antipollution systems604
843-655Maintain and repair electronic injection and antipollution systems755
843-665Inspect the drive train755
843-671Carry out a job search151
843-686Enter the work force906