Program objectives

The Pharmacy Technical Assistance program prepares a person to practice the trade of pharmacy technical assistance in a health establishment as well as in a community pharmacy.

The pharmacy technical assistant (PTA) works under the supervision of a pharmacist and assists in filling prescriptions, managing patient files and performs work-related technical tasks related to preparing medications.

Program content

CodeStatement of competencyHoursCredits
746-012Analyze the occupation302
746-025Perform pharmaceutical calculations755
746-032Observe the laws, regulations ans standards governing the practice of the occupation302
746-047Identify non-parenteral drugs and their characteristics1057
746-052Take occupational health and safety precautions302
746-063Use pharmaceutical applications software for community pharmacies453
746-073Use pharmaceutical applications software for health care institutions453
746-085Do a practicum in the workplace755
746-094Perform customer service activities604
746-104Identify the characteristics of parenteral drugs604
746-112Make non-sterile preparations302
746-129Fill prescriptions in a community pharmacy1359
746-139Fill prescriptions in a health care institution1359
746-143Manage inventory453
746-158Make sterile preparations1208
746-167Perform work-related tasks in a community pharmacy1057
746-177Perform work-related tasks in a health care institution1057