Program objectives

To acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to differentiate between health and illness; acquire the knowledge and ability to understand and apply the techniques learned, establish a helping role with those with health needs, engage in team work within the modern health organization, communicate effectively with patients and their family, with superiors and with other health team members.

Program content

CodeStatement of competencyHoursCredits
751-572Administer first aid302
752-332Determine their suitability for the profession and training302
752-342Become familiar with a comprehensive approach to health302
752-353Communicate in a care team453
752-367Apply basic care procedures1057
752-372Establish a helping relationship302
752-382Become familiar with the legal and ethical aspects of the profession302
752-393Apply care procedures related to the musculoskeletal system453
752-405Provide basic care to clients who are experiencing loss of autonomy755
752-412Help a client meet his or her nutritional needs302
752-424Apply care procedures related to the nervous and sensory systems604
752-432Apply care procedures related to the endocrine system302
752-444Apply care procedures related to the digestive system604
752-454Apply care procedures related to the urinary and reproductive systems604
752-463Intervene with a client with cognitive deficits453
752-472Intervene with a client in palliative care302
752-483Intervene with a client with a mental health problem453
752-498Provide geronto-geriatric care1208
752-505Provide care to clients with mental health problems755
752-518Provide care to clients undergoing physical rehabilitation1208
752-526Provide care in a surgical unit906
752-532Intervene with a mother and her newborn302
752-542Provide care to mothers and newborns302
752-552Intervene with a child or adolescent with a health problem302
752-562Provide care to children and adolescents302
752-577Provide care to a diverse clientele1057
754-664Prevent and control infection604
754-714Participate in drug therapy604
754-795Provide specific care755
754-828Provide care in a medical unit1208
754-865Refer to their knowledge of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems when providing care755